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MAY 13–19, 2019

Sicily: A Different Italy

photo: Katie June Burton for SNACKsicily

photo: Katie June Burton for SNACKsicily

We recently decided to offer our program Sicily: A Different Italy in May 2019, instead of waiting until 2020. It seemed a shame to miss our annual pilgrimage to feast from the land of sheep milk cheese and honey, wine and citrus, cannoli and cassata... Our hearts long for walks through the vineyards of Regaleali and Baroque towns of Modica, Noto and Scicli. We live for al fresco dining on local fish and sumptuous pastas, and to let the Ciocolato Modicano melt in our mouths. So after 20 years of leading trips to Case Vecchie in the heart of Sicily, I have asked my dear friend NY chef Linda Sarris - the Cheeky Chef - to step in, in my absence since I can’t be there. The show must go on!
— Peggy Markel

Sicily, A Different Italy: May 13-19, 2019

Strong and elemental, Sicily retains an unconquered character and romantic spirit, and you can taste it in her food. Greek ruins dot the landscape. Arabian eggplants, lemons, saffron and nutmeg thrive in rich volcanic soil. Local artisans hand-make chocolates and cheeses. Sicilian dishes draw on history but abound with independent ideas and innovative interpretations that stand apart from the cuisine of mainland Italy.

I would like to introduce you to my good friend Chef Linda Sarris who I met at Regaleali some years ago. Her love of Sicily is as deep as mine and her knowledge increases daily by living in Palermo over the Ballarò market. She has an infectious smile, like she might be up to something.

Linda will guide you this time as we coil our way across this dramatic region from Palermo’s rowdy ancient food markets, through the lesser-known introterra, home to noble wine estates, ending in coastal fishing villages. We make a pilgrimage to Modica for hand-produced chocolates and Noto for the world’s best gelato. We take walks through the countryside, taste wine from famous vineyards, enter private kitchens, gentle olive groves and gardens bursting with flavor. As we cross the island, Sicily reveals her secrets to us.

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photo: Katie June Burton for SNACKsicily

photo: Katie June Burton for SNACKsicily

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